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About us:

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A supportive housing program for youth that has aged-out of foster care.

Our Mission

Better Me Foundation's, mission is to foster intergenerational connections to help provide personalized programs and supportive group homes to youth ages 18 to 21 who have aged out of foster care for them to have a meaningful foundation. 

Our Vision

Provide support in an intergenerational living village that includes a life and wisdom exchange for all youth that have aged out of care and the elderly. 


Programs Offered

Supportive Independent Living
(Aged Out Foster Care)

This program is a component of Extended Foster Care: It is a placement where young adults can reside in a less restrictive, non-traditional living arrangement while continuing to receive support services to help them become independent and self-sufficient.

Intergenerational Programs
Life & Wisdom Exchange

Intergenerational programs intentionally unite the generations in ways that enrich participants' lives and help address vital social and community issues while building on the positive resources that young and old have to offer each other and their communities. Contact us to see how you can partner with us with events and activities.

Life Skills And Career Placement Mentorship Opportunities

Learning and developing these skills can improve personal and professional relationships and allow people to handle new circumstances and career changes. Life skills may help individuals process emotions, have positive interactions with others, improve their self-esteem and understand how and when to ask for guidance. Contact us to volunteer as a mentor for our youth or if you have a job opportunity for our youth.


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